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Giving back program

Together we give back

Watch Branding’s giving back program is created in order to support environmental issues, medical research and other foundations who do their best to make our world a better place.

It works like this: for every order we offer choices of donation in the form of pre-determined donation amounts from € 0.10 per watch to a maximum of € 1.00 per watch. You can choose to donate or get a discount instead. For example, if you choose to donate € 0.10 cent per watch (any contribution can be useful) you will get a discount of € 0.90 cent per watch (and good karma :-)). By giving back your company has the unique ability to donate at no costs to causes that matter to you.

We strongly believe that our unique giving back program will give you the perfect opportunity to showcase your company’s values and achievements and in the same time we can work together toward a more sustainable planet.

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