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Core Values

The values incorporated in your customized watch

Watches tell much more than just time. A watch is not only a timepiece, it’s also – and perhaps more so - an accessory that reflects your style and gives us sentimental value as they accompany us through life. That’s why we believe watches make a stronger statement than many other things. For this reason, we work together from the standpoint of humanity, to create high quality custom made watches that will leave a lasting impression. These are the values that radiate from the watch on your wrist.


We live and breath watchmaking, committed to expressing its values.


We achieve the best result when we work together side-by-side with our team, partners and customers.


Our customers are our greatest source in changing our perspective on how to keep innovating.

Giving back

We are a purpose-driven company that believes we can make an impact through well made branded watches to boost our clients’ businesses and in the same time giving back to the cause that means most to our customers.


Our criteria to reduce indirect impact rests on function, repairability, timeless design, quality, pollution prevention, and, foremost, resource efficiency (only producing what is needed).