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Watch Branding’s giving back program is fueled by the passion and adventures of its owners, Addy and Joshua, lifelong lovers of watersports. After spending countless hours in the ocean, they grew deeply aware of the vulnerability and importance of marine ecosystems. Being a Dutch company, they found the perfect ally in The Ocean Cleanup, another remarkable Dutch organization. The Ocean Cleanup’s mission is to develop cutting-edge technologies to combat plastic pollution in our oceans. Their main aim is to remove plastic debris from the world’s oceans, ultimately reducing the amount of waste in these crucial ecosystems.

By combining innovative solutions with a global cleanup network, they work tirelessly towards a future where our oceans are pristine and free from the harmful effects of plastic waste.

To support this admirable initiative, Watch Branding has pledged to donate 1% of its annual turnover. With this program, they aim to make a meaningful contribution to the preservation and sustainability of our precious oceans.


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