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The importance of celebrating company anniversaries

Whether a company has been operating for two years or a centennial, every company anniversary year is a significant occasion. These automatically create incredible opportunities. We’ve have listed five reasons to use the opportunity of celebrating your corporate anniversary.

Recognition of employee efforts

In addition to reminding employees that they are integral to your organization’s values, it’s important to also recognize them as the people who have made your success possible. Showing appreciation is a great way to improve employee retention, boost engagement and rewarding their loyalty to your company

Express gratitude to your audience

Corporate milestone anniversaries are also an opportunity to thank your customers, clients, and business partners, without whom this achievement might not have been possible. When expressing your appreciation, you will instantly create a meaningful point of connection while also ensuring that they continue to do business with your company.

Reinforce culture and values

Commemorating a company history can also serve as a platform on which you can showcase your core values and culture, as well as an occasion to reinforce them among our employees. By using the event to highlight the relationship between the two, you can rekindle their connection.

Boosting teamspirit

Celebrating corporate milestone anniversaries is one of the most impactful occasions to acknowledge your entire team’s effort. This genuine commitment makes employees feel more involved and connected as team members. Most companies like to call themselves a ‘family’, celebrating corporate milestone anniversaries is one way to prove it.

Creating brand awareness

Your company’s anniversary is a valuable opportunity to give a positive boost to your company's perception, leading to an increase in company buzz and impression scores as well as your employees' pride.

Importance of a corporate anniversary gift

The benefits of unique corporate anniversary gifts are well established. Studies have proven time and time again that corporate anniversary gifts help in building strong and trustworthy relationships between employees, partners or clients. If done well, giving corporate anniversary gifts is also one of the most effective ways of reinforcing relationships that leads to more business.

The best corporate gifts are customized

Attention to detail is what separates industry leaders from others. The best corporate milestone gifts are customized and show that genuine thought has gone into them. It’s a well known fact that the legacy of an incredible business gift always strengthens the bond because people feel that their efforts are rewarded.

Customization is vital, but only if your company logo is integrated in the total design in an elegant way. Only then the receivers will use your gift and it will definitely be registered well in the minds of your audience.

The more unique a corporate anniversary gift, the more it will be noticed. Corporate anniversary gifts are the best way to ensure your care and concern for the recipient, while also translating into an expression of your company’s creativity and unique thinking.


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Why wrist watches are good corporate anniversary gifts

Despite the fact that we all have multiple devices constantly reminding us of what time it is, the interest in wristwatches will never disappear because watches have character; they are jewelry. We have compiled six reasons to why giving customized logo watches is a great idea.

1. Practical corporate anniversary gifts

Wrist watches are not only stylish, but also incredibly useful. They have a variety of technical functions from showing time, stopwatch, useful underwater functions to measuring speed.

2. ‘Can’t throw away’ corporate anniversary gifts

Wrist watches are one of the only business gifts that can be worn on a daily basis. A custom logo wrist watch is a special and meaningful corporate gift as they act as great reminders for people who wear them.

3. Meaningful corporate anniversary gifts

Wrist watches are durable, long-lasting and add a touch of elegance to any look. When you’re giving your audience a customized watch, it will certainly be cherished. One can never have enough watches to choose from.

4. Corporate gifts that stand the test of time

As everybody knows a wrist watch is a timeless fashion accessory that will never go out of style. No matter whoever you give a corporate anniversary watch to, it will always be a memorable gift that will stand the test of time.

5. Personal  corporate anniversary gifts 

Gifting a customized corporate anniversary watch to your audience goes far beyond simply celebrating the occasion. It’s a personal reminder of showing your appreciation. And the receiving person will remember that moment each and every time he or she glances at it.

6. Deluxe corporate anniversary gifts.

There’s nothing quite like unwrapping a custom made watch! Just like unwrapping a piece of jewelry, it’s the love of excitement and curiosity that we feel when we unwrap the gift. Turn yours into a memorable experience with recognition value!


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"Ilmor Engineering called on Watch Branding to design and supply a bespoke company logo watch to commemorate our racing successes. They provided a beautiful design and where very professional in the supply of this consignment and communications throughout. I would recommend anyone needing corporate or private help in sourcing that special watch, to make Watch Branding your first point of contact – T. Robberts"

Which watch style suits your corporate identity best?

We offer three different watch styles everybody should know – and own.

Classic watch style

Our classic customizable watches are the most simplistic and elegant form of all type of watches with a timeless design. They are designed to pair perfectly with formal as well as smart casual wear (eg polo and jeans). If your company adheres to a business formal attire take a look at our customizable classic wrist watches.

What makes a watch classic

  • Slim watch case
  • A watch face that is simple and easy to read
  • Leather straps

Dress code classic watches

  • Black Tie/White Tie
  • Business formal/ Business casual
  • smart casual
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Casual watch style

Our casual customizable watches are typically understated and of a timeless design. With a solid blend of comfort, clean dials and subtle colors they will pair excellently with all outfits and occasions. If your company adheres to a business casual dress attire to look at our customizable casual wrist watches.

What makes a watch casual

  • Solid case construction finished in different ways
  • Clean dials and subtle colors
  • Straightforward in design

Dress code casual watches

  • Business formal
  • Business casual
  • Casual wear
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Sport watch style

Among our sports models, we offer a range of customizable watches for active pursuits, such as diving, racing, and aviation. These custom wrist watches feature complications such as a tachymeter, chronograph and turning bezel. Straps are made in durable materials and luminescent elements provide better visibility. Sport watches are associated with a strong sense of cool, and therefore easily match with smart casual situations. If your company adheres to a casual and sportive style take a look at our customizable sport wrist watches.

What makes a watch sportive

  • solid case construction finished in different ways
  • highly functional and durable
  • Water-resistant

Dress code sportive watches

  • Business formal/ Business casual
  • Casual wear
  • Sport wear
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