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Watch Branding is an independent full service private label and promotional watch company based in the Netherlands, the centre of Europe. With over 17 years of expertise, relations and know-how we know everything there is to know about watches, watch trends and the effectiveness of watches as marketing tools.

Here you’ll find a wide collection of private label watches, promotional watches, logo watches and custom made watches at every price level, always with the most high-end level of quality.

Our goal is to make your company stand out with a customized watch that represents you best.

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By offering a made-to-order approach, we minimize our environmental footprint. Our sustainable commitment is reflected in everything we do.

Low and flexible MOQ

Our minimum order quantity is 15 pcs per style, however we also offer alternative price breaks at 10 pcs respectively. Prices available upon request.

Personal assistant

You will be assigned to a personal assistant who will guide you to the whole process. We don’t use call centers, we provide real professional interaction.

Fast and flexible production process

Your order will be delivered within 4-6 weeks. If you have a deadline to meet it’s possible to shorten production time. We say what we do and we do what we say.

Best price-quality ratio

Due to our many years of experience and purchasing power we are able to offer our watches at the best possible price while keeping quality to the highest standard.

Two year guarantee

A two-year guarantee on all our watches, if anything goes wrong we will repair it. Warranty repairs will be processed quickly and repaired by competent watchmakers.