We have listed the most commonly used watch terms here
Your branded watches will be packed¬†and delivered¬†in a¬†(if chosen, personalized) Deluxe watch box‚ÄĮand an international¬†user manual¬†(only for¬†Chronographs¬†or¬†Complications).¬†
Water resistance is an important part of a‚ÄĮwell made¬†watch.¬†The following¬†water resistance chart¬†will¬†provide you a better understanding of¬†commonly used¬†water resistance measurements.¬† Water resistance will be affected over time through ageing of gaskets or deformation of watch parts due to accidental shocks. That's why we recommend keeping your watch clean (wash it frequently in fresh water and dry it with a soft cloth) and take care of adequate maintenance (every two-three years) by competent watch makers in order to maintain the performance of your watch and its longevity.
  • Don‚Äôt activate the time-setting crown and/or the pushers while the watch is under water and make sure that the crown has been pushed/ screwed down tightly after every operation.
  • Don‚Äôt under any circumstances open the watch yourself ; arrange to get it inspected by an authorized Watch Branding Service Center only.

The difference between a quartz movement and an automatic movement is that quartz movement is powered by a battery while an automatic movement doesn’t use a battery. Instead it requires the movement of the wearer’s wrist to keep the watch going.

Quartz movement: 

  • Highly appreciated for their reliability and accuracy.¬†
  • Known for their durability. Simply change the battery every 1-2 years.¬†
  • Recommended for those who prefer low maintenance¬†

Automatic movement: 

  • For those who¬†appreciate fine art, craftsmanship and precision.¬†
  • Will last a lifetime when taken good care of it. Therefore, worth the expense.¬†
  • Admire the beautiful movement at work via¬†the exhibition‚ÄĮcase¬†back.¬†
From a straight technical and pragmatic standpoint ‚Äúreliable, accurate and at a fraction of the price‚ÄĚ, quartz movements ‚ÄĮare better.¬†However, If you‚Äôre more interested in complexity and in pure craftsmanship then we recommend you choose an automatic movement.¬†¬†
Case diameter is the most important aspect when it comes to selecting the right watch for your company. A general practical guideline: smaller watches for smaller wrists, larger watches for larger wrists. Below watch size guide will help you to choose your preferred diameter.
A chronograph or a chrono is a mechanism for measuring short time periods independently of the normal timekeeping function. In short, a chronograph or chrono is a watch with stopwatch function. You can recognize a chronograph if there are three sub-dials on the dial (watch face). The placement of these sub dials (eyes) differs from watch to watch, but typically you’ll see these three. On the right side, there is a crown and two additional buttons. These function as a start-stop and a reset for the stopwatch feature. The resulting watch is often busy with the captivating look of a technical tool. There are a lot of good reasons to want a chronograph. It's a very useful tool for activities such as setting time for racing and it’s sure handy to have when you need it. But let’s be honest: Chronograph watches simply look good, period.  
A tachymeter is a feature on a chronograph watch that can measure speed based on time travel over a fixed distance. The main type of watches that include a tachymeter are racing-inspired chronograph watches, due to its practical use and which, due to the visual similarity of a speedometer, evokes the sense of speed. Tachymeter watches capture the versatility and spirit of motorsport, while pushing the boundaries of cool style. 
A complication is any function on a watch other than the display of the time. They include: 
  • Date complications¬†
  • Chronograph complications¬†
  • Dual time zone complications¬†
A unidirectional rotating bezel is a¬†bezel that turns only one way¬†(counterclockwise).¬†These types of bezels are usually found¬†on¬†diving watches¬†and tool watches as¬†a feature that helps‚ÄĮ¬†measuring diving time.¬†Because the bezel only¬†rotates¬†in a counter-clockwise direction,¬†it¬†ensures¬†the¬†diver's safety even in the case of any accidental rotation underwater (to avoid that¬†time already spent under¬†water would be indicated longer¬†than the actual time spent under water).¬†Besides being very useful, the rotating bezel feature¬†generally gives¬†a decorative¬†and¬†aesthetic element¬†to boost the though look.¬†
This is a‚ÄĮbattery end-of-life indicator‚ÄĮ(EOL). Watches with this feature have electronic circuits that detect when the battery is getting low. When the second hand jumps¬†forward erratically, the battery should be changed in the next 2-3 weeks.¬†
We recommend you do not change the date indicator when the time is showing between 10pm and 2am. The date discs are mechanically engaged between these times. If you disturb the process by setting the date yourself, there is a real risk of damaging or breaking small parts. 
We offer two kinds of personalised watches: 
  1. ¬†The customer can choose from a wide variety of watches from our¬†ready-made¬†private label¬†collection which can be widely¬†customised. These watches are in stock and¬†allows you¬†to create¬†unique branded timepieces¬†within a short period of time.¬†Most of our customers choose for this option because¬†it allows them to¬†test their business concept‚ÄĮwith‚ÄĮlow investment/low risk.¬†Get started
  2.  With over 17 years of experience in watchmaking, Watch Branding is well accomplished in creating and producing entirely custom made watches. More information can be found in our Custom Made section
Watch Branding allows complete¬†personalization¬†down to the very finest detail.¬†This can include dials with your logo imprint, with‚ÄĮa¬†raised company logo¬†or¬†custom made dials,¬†special engraving on different parts of the watch (eg¬†logo on buckle, individual serial numberings on the case side, trademark on crown, coat of arms on the case back,¬†etc), logo imprint on¬†the¬†packaging and¬†much¬†more.¬†Details about all¬†personalization¬†options can be found on our¬†Branding options page  
In traditional watchmaking, different branding techniques are used for different types of watch parts. To assist your understanding of these processes please check our Printing technique page
As large as you want, taking into account that the size of the print is depending on the watch you choose. ‚ÄĮFor example, a¬†chronograph has less printing space than a two or three hand¬†(analogue)¬†watch.¬†Personalisation¬†is vital, but only if your artwork is integrated in the total watch design and¬†in an elegant¬†way.¬†This will not always mean that printing as large as possible is the right¬†choice.¬†We like to think along with you!¬†Our experienced design team¬†will -‚ÄĮbased on your wishes and requirements ‚Äď‚ÄĮdesign with great eye for detail and respect for your corporate identity¬†in order to create an effective timeless marketing instrument that will be loved by the wearer endlessly.¬†¬† ¬†
  1. Select a model and a version. 
  2. Decide how you want your watch to be personalized. 
  3. Send your enguiry and your logo via get free design order form or to
  4. Within 2-3 working days we will send you a digital designs by email. 
Yes, you will always receive a digital design. In most cases, the desired design is reflected by our digital samples. If not, then a new proposal will be made. We don’t stop until you are satisfied.
With every offer, the first digital design proposal is free of charge. Additional design proposals will be charged upon agreement. Costs (maximum of 5 designs) will be settled if a final order is to be placed within 30 days after the delivery of your digital design proposal(s). 
The most common form of sending pictures/images is in a .jpeg format. However, when this image is enlarged, it becomes blurry because it is made up of pixels. For printing purposes, we therefore need images of higher quality in vector format which can be created in Adobe Illustrator, saved as either .ai or .eps files. Vector files can easily be reopened, edited and be resized to any size and colour it needs to be. They are most commonly used for creating logos, illustrations and print layouts. 
When it comes to design, having the right logo file type is important. Our graphic design team will assist you in order to get it right. 
No logo, no problem. Our graphic design team will work with you to design a logo that will make your promotional watch stand out.
We offer a warranty period of two years on all of our private label, promotional and custom made watches. 
  • The lifetime of the battery.¬†
  • Normal wear and tear and aging¬†(watch strap,¬†scratches on case, etc.).¬†
  • Damages caused by the incorrect¬†or unusual use (broken crystal, crown, pusher, etc.).¬†
  • Inexpert or¬†unauthorised¬†repair.¬†
Please check the marking on the back of your watch case and check below table for a better understanding of water resistance measurements. 
Always make sure that the crown is pushed in to prevent moisture from entering your watch. Avoid extreme temperatures (changes), severe shocks, chemical products and magnetic fields. We recommend keeping your watch clean (wash it frequently in fresh water and dry it with a soft cloth). After being worn in the sea, the watch must be rinsed with warm fresh water and then dried completely. Take care of adequate maintenance (every two-three years) by competent watch makers in order to maintain the performance of your watch and its longevity. 
Do's and Don'ts  
  • Don‚Äôt change the date indicator¬†when the time is showing between 10pm and 2am.¬†
  • Don‚Äôt wear bracelets next to the watch.¬†
  • Don‚Äôt swim while wearing a¬†water-resistant¬†watch.¬†
  • Don‚Äôt buy your company logo watches somewhere else¬†
  • Do¬†contact us¬†about repairs.¬†
  • Do avoid severe shocks (eg¬†remove your watch when playing tennis or chopping wood)¬†
  • Do make branded marketing tools sustainable and timeless¬†¬†
  • Do show your appreciation and creativity with your branding on a watch¬†¬†
  • Do keep your watch clean.¬†
  • Do adequate maintenance ((every two-three years) by competent watch makers.
In case of a defect during the warranty period your watch will be repaired or replaced free of charge. We provide a worldwide service network. If repairing a watch is not possible in a certain country, we find another repair center or we will repair the watch at our headquarters in Uitgeest, The Netherlands. 

Use our custom logo watch guide to get a practical overview with tips and useful information to make it effortless no matter your price range and who your recipient is. Or contact us directly, we take pride in advising you about the customized watch that represents your company best.

For projects based on our existing¬†(ready made) private label¬†watch collection, we accept orders from 15 pcs per models.¬†When¬†developing from scratch¬†(custom made), a minimum of 500 pieces per model is required.¬†  
We set minimum quantities at a level that you will get your branded watches at a reasonable price and it allows us to professionally manage your order without compromising our high quality standard. That said, the answer is usually yes. Prices available upon request. 
For projects based on our existing¬†(in stock)¬†private label¬†watch collection your order will be delivered within 4-6 weeks.¬†Once agreement is reached‚ÄĮon your watch design(s)¬†we are able to communicate the expected date of delivery.‚ÄĮ¬†
If you have a deadline to meet it may be possible to shorten production times without compromising our high quality standard.¬†Given¬†delivery times are guaranteed.¬†Please e-mail us at¬†‚ÄĮ¬†or give us a call at¬†+31(0) 251 36 20 62.¬†
Whether you prefer to ‚ÄĮorder¬†‚ÄĮyour branded watches¬†online,¬†by telephone¬†or¬†by¬†email,¬†we¬†will¬†always¬†work closely with you and guide you to the whole ordering process. We don‚Äôt use call centers.¬†Our ordering process is¬†very¬†easy.¬†See for a detailed instruction:¬†How to order
In short, when we receive your order we will contact you and create a digital design proposal for approval. Once agreement is reached on the design we will start our production process. Your order will be delivered within 4-6 weeks. In a rush? Please contact us
Once we have received your order, ‚ÄĮour designers will -‚ÄĮbased on your wishes and requirements -‚ÄĮprepare one or two digital samples¬†for you to review. ‚ÄĮIn most cases, the desired design is reflected by one of the samples. If not, then a new proposal will be made. We don‚Äôt stop until you are satisfied.¬†We¬†will¬†start our production process after we have reached an agreement on the design.¬†
During the design process of your branded watch you can change whatever you like. Once we have reached an agreement on the watch design we will start our production process. At this point changes are only possible on mutual agreement. 
No surprises. Full transparency. Our company doesn’t like hidden costs. You won’t find any at Watch Branding. 
Prices are including logo imprint on the dial, Deluxe giftbox, an international¬†user manual¬†(only¬†for¬†Chronographs¬†or¬†Complications)¬†and a two-year international guarantee period.¬†We work with volume discounts:¬†increasing your order quantity will reduce the price.‚ÄĮ
Shipping costs will be calculated according to the size of the order and the destination it needs to be shipped to.¬†Shipping¬†rates¬†are very competitive¬†due to our¬†large-volume, please check your shipping costs¬†at checkout.‚ÄĮ
If your company is located outside the EU Customs import duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient.
All prices shown are exclusive VAT, because we do work with mostly business clients. When you are in the EU and you don’t have a valid VAT number we have to add 21% VAT. 
Yes ‚Äď there are two options:¬†¬†
  1. Click on ‚ÄėMake quotation‚Äô on the product page¬†from the watch¬†you would like to get quoted.¬†
  2. Please e-mail us at¬†‚ÄĮ¬†or give us a call at¬†+31(0) 251 36 20 62.¬†¬†
Once you ask for a quotation you will always be assigned to a personal assistant who will work closely with you. 
One price doesn’t always fit so please contact us for a non-binding price request  
Yes we do support charities with our Giving back program
We are open to the needs of charities and other non-profit organizations. Tell us what you need and we’ll help were we can.  
Yes that’s certainly possible. We work with a global network of merchandise suppliers. If your supplier isn’t already a partner, we are happy to work together in order to fulfill your demand. 
Yes we do. Please provide us the official form for delivery and billing purposes. This form must be stamped with an official tax exempt stamp based on the order you will place. 
We offer the possibility to receive a neutral sample or a sample with a random company logo. Depending on the type of watch sample charges will be made. Costs of this sample model (with exception of handling fee and transport costs) will be settled if a final order is to be placed within 30 days after the delivery of the sample. 
Watch Branding is based in the Netherlands, the centre of Europe. 
Our office is officially open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (CET) Monday to Friday, but we are all known for¬†working (answering Emails, WhatsApp and quotes) in flexible hours.‚ÄĮWe appreciate your interest and aim to answer your request as soon as possible.¬†
We have been shipping our watches worldwide since 2005. 
Yes we can! Let us help you find the perfect watch for your company or brand. Whether you are looking for merchandising, a company anniversary gift, or a gift for your employees, we can help you narrow down the choices and find your perfect watch for any occasion. Let us help you 
Bank transfer, all major payment cards and PayPal. Direct transactions are secured and encrypted. 
Your payment will be taken at the checkout or in case of Bank transfer 100% payment in advance is required. 
It’s quite common in an industry like ours, where personalized products are delivered, that a prepayment of 100% is used. After all, in the event of non-payment we are confronted with goods that cannot be sold due to customer’s logo. 
We ship to your destination on a DPU (Delivery at Place unloaded) basis, which means that we continue to take our responsibility and risk until your shipment is unloaded. 
Shipping costs will be calculated according to the size of¬†your¬†order and the destination it needs to be shipped to.¬†Shipping¬†rates¬†are very competitive¬†due to our¬†large-volume, please check your shipping cost at checkout.‚ÄĮ¬†
Only customers¬†from¬†the European Union (EU) will be charged applicable VAT. If you have a valid EU VAT number, you are exempt from paying VAT. You can enter your company registered VAT number at the¬†check out.¬†‚ÄĮIn case of Dutch customers, we have to charge 21% VAT. Business customers can, of course, reclaim VAT paid.¬†
Outside the EU customs and import duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel.¬†Unfortunately, we¬†don‚Äôt¬†have¬†any influence over¬†these¬†costs, and cannot¬†calculate these costs upfront as customs policies and import duties vary widely. You can try to get in touch with your local customs office for current charges before you order so you will not be surprised by the extra costs that will be added.‚ÄĮ¬†
All orders are shipped by UPS. 
If you would like to change your shipping details please contact us immediately by email or telephone and we will try to amend the address. 
No. We don’t ship to PO Box addresses. 
As soon as your order has been dispatched you will receive a shipping email. This email will contain your UPS tracking number(s)¬†where you can track your parcel(s)¬†with.‚ÄĮ¬†
All parcels will be dispatched with a tracking number that UPS provides. You can track your parcel here
You can find the status of your order in your account on our website. If your order has been dispatched you have received a shipping email with your UPS tracking number. With this number you can track your parcel on 
UPS will do another delivery attempt the next business day or will directly deliver your parcel to a UPS Access Point near you. The courier will leave a note. This note will notify you of the second delivery attempt or at which UPS Access Point you will be able to pick up your parcel. 
Yes, someone other than the addressee can sign for your shipment. The signature is electronically logged for security reasons. Any signature at the address will be accepted as proof of delivery. 
Your privacy is very important to us. We are committed to earning your trust by safeguarding your personal information. All the information you provide to us is securely maintained and is kept strictly confidential. We do not, and will not, sell or rent our customer lists to other companies. 
We respect your privacy. If you like, we’ll be happy to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. 
Sustainability is at the core of our watchmaking business and has been since 2005. More information can be found here
From the stoppage date of the watch production, Watch Branding guarantees the availability of its spare parts for a minimum period of 10 years for standard watches. If for any reason production of a particular spare part is stopped or deferred, Watch Branding reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to offer the customer an alternative solution.