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Custom made watches.

With over 17 years of experience in watchmaking, Watch Branding is well accomplished in creating and producing entirely custom made watches.

Watch Branding designs, advises and manufactures. Our team consists of experienced and passionate watch designers and developers that know everything there is to know about watches and current trends.

As an independent company we have full access to a worldwide network of suppliers that work by the same philosophy and who are familiar with our technical and quality requirements. As a result we can produce private label watches as well as complementary watch boxes at every price level, always providing you with an unequalled high-end level of quality.

When developing from scratch, a minimum of 500 pieces per model is required.

Rough timeline from A to Z.

Research and design

  • Initial concept presentation for revision notes:  Approx. 30 days
  • Delivery of revision 1: Approx. 14 days
  • Delivery of revision 2 (if needed):  Approx. 14 days


Technical development and prototyping

  • Technical drawing: Approx. 20 days
  • Delivery of revision 1: Approx. 10 days
  • Delivery of revision 2 (if needed): Approx. 10 days
  • Sample lead time: Approx. 70 days


Research and design

  • Mass production: Approx. 120 days
  • Production and testing: 20 days