Watch Branding’s top ten custom watches

From classic to modern, discover our best-sellers. Starting from just 5 pieces!


Custom private label watches built to last

Discover our most beloved custom private label watches, built to withstand the test of time. Our top ten custom watches are the perfect fit for any occasion or business, ensuring your brand image is elevated to new heights. Whether you’re looking for corporate anniversary gifts, employee recognition, merchandise, or promotional events, our watches are designed to leave a lasting impression. From classic to modern styles, explore our collection of custom watches that will make a statement for your brand.

Promotional Uni Fitness Trackers by Watch Branding: Keep your company fit and healthy with this customizable solution

1. Fitness Tracker | >15 pcs | €24 - €49

Elevate your brand with this Custom Promotional Uni Fitness Tracker, a stylish and advanced tracking device available in different colors. Here’s how companies leverage customized Promotional Fitness Trackers to create a powerful branding impact.

  • Incorporate them into corporate wellness programs
  • Use them for fitness challenges and competitions
  • Sponsor events and use them as promotional giveaways
  • Reward customers and enhance loyalty programs


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Customize minimalist quartz watches by Watch Branding - celebrate company history or reward employees uniquely

2. Minimalist | >5 pcs | €27 - €138

Uncover ‘MINIMALIST’ uni quartz watches: a premium corporate branding solution. Ideal for formal and casual occasions, they elevate your brand. See how customized logo watches convey brand values effectively.

  • Branded watches with company logos to celebrate corporate anniversaries
  • Give them as custom corporate gifts for employee recognition
  • Utilize them as customized corporate gifts for industry-specific training programs
  • Personalize them as merchandise for a fanshop or create an own line of branded watches

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Bespoke CLASSIC quartz watches by Watch Branding - perfect for corporate gifts and corporate anniversaries.

3. Heritage | >5 pcs | €41 - €181

Discover our ‘HERITAGE’ quartz watches, designed for timeless elegance with three hands, a subtle date display, and a sleek rounded sides case. See how companies utilize customized classic watches as silent brand ambassadors.


  • Personalize them as corporate gifts to commemorate a company’s history.
  • Utilize them as bespoke anniversary gifts for business anniversaries.
  • Customized corporate gifts to express gratitude for past success.
  • Develop white label merchandise or craft custom watches for your brand.
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Bespoke automatic watches by Watch Branding - Elevate your company with unique gifts, ideal for commemorating milestones.

4. Geneva | >15 pcs | €371 - €546

Elevate your brand with our Swiss Made white label classic automatic watches. Personalize these exquisite timepieces with your logo for an enduring touch of elegance. Learn how businesses use customized GENEVA watches to establish a personal connection.

  • Craft unique corporate gifts to commemorate your company’s heritage.
  • Share bespoke anniversary gifts for business milestones.
  • Give personalized tokens of appreciation for past achievements.
  • Create custom fan shop merchandise and brand-inspired timepieces.


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Elevate spaces with customizable Railway Clocks by watch branding. ideal for corporate spaces, events, and client gifts.

5. Railway Wall Clocks | >5 pcs | €63 - €76

Elevate your timekeeping with the Railway Clock. It’s a modern twist on the classic, seamlessly blending tradition and innovation for timeless elegance and functionality. Make a lasting impression by harnessing the powerful branding impact of customized Railway Clocks.

  • Enhance corporate spaces with branded Railway Clocks.
  • Exclusive branded Railway Clocks for memorable event souvenirs.
  • Choose Railway Clocks for quality client gifts.
  • Add your company’s style with custom Railway Clocks in retail spaces.

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Custom 'CONTEMPORARY' watches by Watch Branding for corporate gifts, history celebrations or unique branded merchandise

6. Contemporary | >5 pcs | €41 - €181

CONTEMPORARY – modern, edgy, vibrant, and aligned with your brand’s identity. They embody an adventurous spirit, perfect for everyday style. Learn how companies use customized these quartz watches to leave a lasting impression.

  • Customize them as corporate gifts to celebrate business history.
  • Personalize them as corporate gifts for company jubilees.
  • Use them as bespoke corporate gifts to boost company reputation.
  • Expand with white label merchandise

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Customizable CASUAL CHRONO watches by Watch Branding. Perfect for celebrating company heritage, rebranded logos and more

7. Casual Chrono | >5 pcs | €76 - €216

CASUAL CHRONO seamlessly merges style and versatility. Our vibrant chronograph watches enhance brand visibility and foster personal connections. Here is how companies use custom chrono watches to boost their brand’s image

  • Celebrate company heritage with bespoke gifts.
  • Express gratitude with personalized gifts for years of service.
  • Showcase a rebranded logo with bespoke gifts.
  • Create luxury merchandise or brand-boosting watches.


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Swiss Made bespoke pilot watches by Watch Branding - ideal for corporate logo gifts to celebrate business milestone years

8. Thun | >15 pcs | €186 - €255

Uncover Swiss Made precision with THUN – a casually custom pilot watch. Featuring aeronautically-inspired dials for aviation elegance and refined with premium materials, it elevates men’s everyday refinement. Explore how businesses leverage customized aviator watches to infuse personality into their brand’s essence.

  • Use them as custom corporate logo gifts to mark company history.
  • Customize them as corporate gifts for milestone years.
  • Personalize them as gifts to celebrate a company merger.
  • Create branded fanshop items or private label watches for brand growth


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MARINE SOLAR custom tool watches by Watch Branding - With limitless customization. Ideal for commemorating history and more

9. Solar Marine | >5 pcs | €70 - €210

Discover our ‘MARINE SOLAR’ custom tool watches: solar-powered precision and limitless customization options. Explore how businesses harness these customized watches to infuse personality into their brand’s essence.

  • Customize corporate gifts to commemorate company’s history
  • Utilize them as bespoke anniversary gifts for business anniversaries
  • Customized corporate gifts to express gratitude for past success
  • Create exclusive white label merchandise for a fanshop or bespoke watches for their own watch brand.
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Car-Inspired custom chrono watches by Watch Branding. Ideal for private label branding or corporate milestones anniversaries

10. Automotive | >5 pcs | €72 - €212

Explore our Car-Inspired Chronograph Watches that capture the essence of cars and racing. These timepieces embody speed and precision with tachymeter and chronograph functions. Uncover how our private label watches enhance overall experience.


  • Customize as milestone history corporate gifts.
  • Personalize for corporate anniversaries.
  • Strengthen business relationships with custom corporate gifts.
  • Extend your brand with branded merchandise or create custom branded watches.
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