How to order Watch Branding

Step 1. – Give us as much information as possible

The first and most important step is to give us as much information as possible (e.g. logo, dial, caseback, packaging). Select one or more models and references. Decide how you want your watch to be personalized and inform us about the quantities. A good and detailed briefing will enable us to present you the right quotation. If desired our offer can be accompanied by a sample model (with random logo). Costs of this sample model will be settled if a final order is to be placed. You will be assigned to a personal assistant who will email you a complete quotation and answer any questions you may have.

STEP 2. – Creating the ultimate promotional watch

If our quotation is approved by you we will continue with the best part: designing the ultimate private label watch for your organization or brand. At this stage we need to receive your artwork or your logo in Illustrator EPS or AI file. If you don’t have any artwork or logo at the time, no problem, still submit your quotation request and we can work with you on the artwork later.

What if I you do not have a logo?  

No logo, no problem. Our graphic design team will work with you to design a logo that will make your promotional watch stand out.

What is a Illustrator EPS or AI. File?

The most common form of sending pictures/images is in a .jpeg format. When this image is enlarged, it becomes blurry because it is made up of pixels. For printing purposes, we need higher quality images in vector format which can be created in Adobe Illustrator, saved as either .ai or .eps files. Vector files can easily be reopened, edited and be resized to any size and colour it needs to be. They are most commonly used for creating logos, illustrations and print layouts.

STEP 3. – Artwork proof

Once you have send us your artwork or logo, our designers will – based on your wishes and requirements – prepare one or two (free) digital samples for you to review. In most cases, the desired design is reflected by one of the samples. If not, then a new proposal will be made. We don’t stop until you are satisfied.

STEP 4. – Production of your company logo watches

Once agreement is reached on the final design you will receive your invoice with an overview of the watches you have ordered and the expected date of delivery.

Once we have received your payment, we will start with the production of your company logo watches according to the approved designs.

STEP 5. – Worldwide delivery

Finally we will take care of the (worldwide) distribution of your watches. Your order will be delivered within 4-6 weeks.

Followup during the order process:

Every step of order administration is done right here by our team. Watch Branding ® has over 10 years of experience and in house customer service. If you have a question during the process, we are happy to work with you to keep your order moving along.