About Watch Branding


What We Do

Watch Branding is a full service private label and promotional watch company, offering only high quality watches for corporate and consumer marketing activity.

Watch Branding offers one of the widest collections (over 500 models) of only high quality watches. Watch Branding caters for all tastes in all price ranges, but never compromises. Quality is what our business keeps going and distinguishes us from others.

Who We Are

Our team shares a passion for design, technique and watches. With over 10 years of expertise, relations and know-how we know everything there is to know about watches, watch trends and the effectiveness of brand watches as marketing tools.

Our goal is to be the best in our business, not the biggest. We aim to be the number one private label and promotional watch company, a title earned by passion and experience.

Founded in 2005 Watch Branding has already succesfully developed private label watches for many internationally renowned companies and brands. We value short lines communication and a solution oriented approach. We can guarantee our customers the utmost confidentiality and discretion.



Quality is the backbone of our company. We only produce the highest quality watches, nothing less.

We attach great importance to the continuous control of our products at each stage of development, from manufacturing to assembly. Therefore we can guarantee the highest quality of our watches.

Not only do we apply the same standards to the various departments of our own company, we also only deal with partners that work by the same philosophy and who are familiar with our technical and high standard requirements.

Who We Work With

Our many years of cooperation with the most experienced and reliable suppliers guarantee the production of high-quality watch components. We have chosen our suppliers by virtue of their overall competence.

They have all proven to deliver constant quality, honour their commitments, and all work on a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) based philosophy