Elevate your brand identity with custom watches

Designed to symbolize and embody your brand's DNA. Low minimum order quantity.

Make a lasting impression with our custom watches

Transform your brand identity and make a lasting impression with our custom watches. Our unique timepieces reflect your brand's personality and values, whether you prefer a sleek or bold design. With a low minimum order quantity, creating your own branded watch collection has never been easier. Choose from a wide range of colors, materials, and styles to create a one-of-a-kind watch that truly captures your brand essence. Contact us today and let's transform your brand identity with custom watches.

Create unique custom watches

There are a variety of custom watch options available to personalize and make your timepiece truly unique. Here are some of the most popular customizations:


Customize the watch dial

Brand colors:¬†Use your company’s brand colors on the dial to create a strong visual connection with your brand.

Logo placement: Place your company logo on the dial to increase brand recognition.

Font choice:¬†Choose a font that is consistent with your company’s brand identity and use it on the dial to enhance brand consistency.

Engrave the backside of the watch

Company logo:¬†Engrave your company’s logo on the back of the watch to increase brand recognition.

Employee recognition: Engrave the name or initials of an employee as a gift or award, showcasing your company culture and values.

Event or occasion: Engrave a special event or occasion, such as an anniversary or product launch, to commemorate the milestone and create a unique timepiece.

Choose the right strap

Color:¬†Choose a strap color that matches your company’s brand colors, such as black or navy blue for a professional look, or brighter colors for a more casual, fun feel.

Material:¬†Choose a strap material that reflects your brand’s values and personality, such as leather for a classic and timeless feel, or silicone for a more modern and sporty vibe.

Customized buckle: Personalize the buckle with your company logo, initials or a design that represents your brand to make the watch strap unique.

There are many different ways to personalize a custom watch, the key is to choose options that align with your brand.

Turn your business into timeless success with custom watches

Corporate branding

Custom watches can be designed to include the company logo or other branding elements. This can help increase brand awareness and promote the company's image.

Reconnaissance des employés

Custom watches can be used to recognize and reward employees for their hard work and dedication. A customized watch with the employee's name or the company logo can serve as a lasting reminder of their achievements.

VIP gifts

Custom watches can be given as gifts to VIP attendees or speakers at a business event. A high-quality watch with a personalized design can serve as a meaningful and memorable token of appreciation.

Cadeaux d'anniversaire d'entreprise

Custom watches are a thoughtful and practical choice for a corporate anniversary gift that can leave a lasting impression on the recipient while also reflecting the company's brand and values.

Event giveaways

Custom watches can be given as giveaways to event attendees. This can help generate interest in the event and promote the company's brand


Custom watches can be sold at a business event to raise funds for a charitable cause or nonprofit organization. The watches can be designed to include the charity's logo or other branding elements.

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