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How to find your branded watches

We take pride in advising our clients about the promotional, private label or custom logo watch that fits our clients' company best. We know what trends we’re seeing in the industry and what type of corporate and branded watches are most popular with our clients. Few presents are as personal as a branded watch, that’s what makes this a great gift. It’s a good idea to decide roughly what type of watch you would like to purchase for your recipients. Below you will find a practical overview with tips and useful information.

1. Decide your goal

Are you celebrating a company anniversary or a retirement? Do you want to create more brand awareness? Do you want to launch a new product, brand or service? Do you want to express gratitude to your customers, clients and partners? Do you want to recognize or reward your employees for their years of service? Do you want to create your own merchandise? Such questions are crucial to setting the correct goal.

2. Consider your recipients

In order to achieve your predefined goals, it is necessary to get clarity about your target group and corporate culture. By defining this, you lay the foundation. You could ask yourself the following questions: In which industry do you work? What do you know about your company? Are you working with consumers or businesses? Men or women? Young or older adults? Athletes? Business professionals? Etc.

3. Set a budget and order quantity

We work with volume discounts: increasing your order quantity will reduce the price. The price you pay for the watch will impact what you will get out of the watch, without of course compromising on quality. Consider the information mentioned below as you set a budget for your logo, promotional or custom made watches.

Custom promotional logo watch line from € 18 to € 85

This price point includes well made reliable, stylish and functional logo, promotional or custom made watches. These will usually make good Christmas gifts, company anniversary gifts, life style merchandising etc.


Premium white label watch line from € 36 to € 149

At this price point you will be able to choose logo, private label or custom made watches with high quality materials, Japanese movements, refined designs and incredibly well built. These will make excellent watches for merchandising and great gifts for special occasions like company anniversaries, rewards, gifts for employees and team members.


Swiss Made private label watch line from € 85 to € 474

At this price point you will find logo watches and custom made watches that set our standard on all our watches on form, function, precision and quality. These watches will make the ultimate gift or merchandise for companies who want to leave an indelible impression.


4. Choose your style

When it comes to a watch style, you can never go wrong, as different styles can be used with various outfits and as all watch lovers know: having several to choose from is nothing but good 😊 Keep these basics in mind:

Classic watch style 

Our casual watches are typically understated and of a timeless design. With a solid blend of comfort, clean dials and subtle colors they will pair excellently with all outfits and occasions.

If your company adheres to a business casual dress attire, then it’s best to look at our classic models

Casual watch style

Our casual watches are typically understated and of a timeless design. With a solid blend of comfort, clean dials and subtle colors they will pair excellently with all outfits and occasions.

If your company adheres to a business casual dress attire, then it’s best to look at our casual models

Sports watch style 

Among our sports models, we offer a range of watches for active pursuits, such as diving, racing, and aviation. These wrist watches feature complications such as a tachymeter, chronograph and turning bezel. Straps are made in durable materials and luminescent elements provide better visibility.

If your company adheres to a casual and sportive style then it’s best to look at our sport models

This visual will help you to choose your company logo watch style

5. Level of water resistance

Water resistance is an important part of a well made watch. The following water resistance chart will provide you a better understanding of commonly used water resistance measurements.

6. Case diameter

Case diameter is the most important aspect when it comes to selecting the right logo watch for your company. There are no rules when it comes to associating a watch size with a gender. General practical guidelines to keep in mind: Smaller watches for smaller wrists, larger watches for larger wrists.

This watch size guide will help you to choose your preferred diameter

7. Two hand, three hand or chronograph watch

The difference between an analogue watch and a chronograph (chrono) watch is the functionality. An analog watch usually has two hands showing the current minute and hour. Additionally, some watches have a third hand that shows seconds as well. A chronograph (chrono) watch is a mechanism for measuring short time periods independently of the normal timekeeping function. In short, a chronograph (chrono) is a watch with a stopwatch function.

Analogue watches

  • The beauty and appeal lies more in the subtle bits.
  • Timeless design is often more simple than complex.
  • Often built to serve a particular purpose.

 Chrono watches (chronograph watches)

  • The dial is dynamic and has the look and feel of a technical tool.
  • It’s a very useful tool for activities such as setting time for racing.
  • Although the features of the chrono watches are not daily used features, they simply look good, period.

What is the best choice?

Each watch is different from the other and they all have their unique attributes. Our advice is, try to think about what style will represent best your company or brand. For example, if you are working in the automotive industry, a racing inspired watch with chronograph, tachymeter functions and bold colours would be a great choice.

8. Straps

Straps characterize your branded watch. Here you will find the most common types of watch straps we use to further personalize your company logo watch.

Leather straps

Leather straps are the most popular watch straps for their versatility, comfort and natural appeal. We offer a wide variety of colours and types of leather to compliment any style.


Our fabric straps are most often found in nylon in a two-piece or one piece construction. Available in multiple colourways these straps add a classic sportiness to any watch and the comfortable, lightweight design makes it an ideal style to wear in almost any conditions.

Rubber straps

Silicon rubber straps are durable, water resistant and comfortable. Dive watches used to be the only styles where these straps were appropriate. However, due to the sporty and modern look they are quite often used for sportive and casual watches too.

Mesh band

A watch bracelet made from stainless steel intricately wired into a characteristic woven/mesh look that can give either a sporty and dynamic or classic and elegant look to any watch. The length is easily adjustable with a secure clasp anywhere along the strap.

Metal band with links

A metal watch band made of single metal links. Metal watch straps are widely liked because they go well with a range of outfit styles, they are long lasting and suitable for people with common allergies (if made from stainless steel).

9. Case colour

First, the “best” material for a watch case has mainly to do with the design and finishing of that specific watch and the nature of its intended use. With this in mind you can basically never go wrong. The most commonly used case colours are:

Stainless steel

Wearing a watch from stainless steel or silver finish will give a premium industrial look that works well with bands of any colour.This material or colour fits every outfit. That’s why it’s the most used material in the watch industry.

Gold colour

A watch case with a gold colour finish will attract attention and show prestige or status to the wearer. It might not match all types of outfits, but most will do just fine.

Black colour

Black watches will give a more understated impression than the above mentioned case colours. It works exceptionally well with any look, reason why these watches have become more popular in recent years.


Coloured cases add a fun dynamic style to the entire watch design. Coloured watches add a sense of playfulness to anyone.

10. Dial colour

What would be the best dial color for your promotional watch? Of course that really comes down to a personal preference as to what suits your event or business best. The most important advice is that logos and background must always have contrasting values for the purposes of readability. Here are some helpful suggestions in order to help you to pick the right dial colour:


Black is the most practical watch dial colour  – Black dials often come with white or luminous hands or hands that make it easier to tell the time in conditions of poor visibility. Paired best with logos in white, gray, yellow, red as an accent color and royal blue.


White has a universal appeal that makes it equally suitable for all occasions.Paired best with logos in dark colours like – red, black, green, orange and purple.


Blue is incredibly versatile and pairs easily with most wardrobes. This colour associates with trust and security. That’s what makes this colour very popular nowadays. Paired best with logos in other various shades of blue and cool tones, white, and grabs attention and boldness with yellow or red, purple and gray.


Brown Is the colour of reliable due to its earthiness. Paired best with logos in green, yellow, white, blue/teal/turquoise, dark purple, gold, orange and pink.


Green is considered a relaxing colour because it’s easy on the eyes. Paired best with logos in brown, yellow, white, red, blue and orange.


Orange evokes a feeling of excitement and confidence. Paired best with logo’s in red, blue, green, white and black.


Red is a colour that commands attention and brings about excitement. Paired best with logos in orange, white, medium green, black, dark and light blue.


Yellow is the colour associated with energy. Paired best with logo’s in purple, orange, red, brown, white, green, gold and silver.

11. Movement

The difference between a quartz movement and an automatic movement is that quartz movement is powered by a battery while an automatic movement doesn’t use a battery. Instead it requires the movement of the wearer’s wrist to keep the watch going.

Quartz movement

  • Highly appreciated for their reliability and accuracy.
  • Known for their durability. Simply change the battery every 1-2 years.
  • Recommended for those who prefer low maintenance.

Automatic movement

  • For those who appreciate fine art, craftsmanship and precision.
  • Will last a lifetime when taken good care of it.
  • Admire the beautiful movement at work via the exhibition case back.

What is the best movement?

From a straight technical and pragmatic point of view (“reliable, accurate and at a fraction of the price”) quartz movements are better. However, if you’re more interested in complexity and in pure craftsmanship then we recommend you choose an automatic movement.

12. Customize your company logo watch

Now, with the above guidelines, you should have a better idea of what makes a great custom made watch for your company or brand. You can now think about the part that makes them unique: your company logo.

Personalisation is essential, but only if your company logo is integrated in the total design and in an elegant manner. If done subtly and elegantly your target group will actually wear the watch and it will make a long lasting impression on both the receiver and outsiders confronted with the watch.

Relax and enjoy the experience

Whether you are looking for a company anniversary gift, branded merchandise, elegant executive gifts, presents for business associates, or recognizing employees, with over 18 years of expertise, we will personally guide you through the whole process to create an unique, effective and timeless marketing instrument that will be loved by the wearer endlessly. This is where Watch Branding excels. The more unique and customized the watch is, the greater it is noticed. An unique branded watch translates to a display of the creativity and the unique thinking of your firm.